My wife’s heart…


Though Carol and I have had a relatively calm life, there have been some stormy times.

Recently as I was sorting through music, I found this poem/song that she wrote in 2004 during a particularly deep trial that we endured.  This was not written for technical form, but simply as an outpouring of her heart.

Sometime, I’ll post a recording of it, but for now, here are the words – which so accurately represent who she is.

Make my meditation only good;
Wash me with the water of the Word;
Casting down the reas’nings of the world,
I will seek true wisdom from above.


Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father, too,
In your creature You are making new
All the heart’s desires, not just a few,
To be seeking only, ever You!


Trusting Christ to give me perfect peace,
All my thoughts are yearning for release;
Praise continually satisfies my soul;
He regards my prayer of faith below.


My contentment in You only lies.
All the world’s allurements cause to die;
When my heart is fixed upon my Lord,
Then I hunger for the the Living Word.


Teach me Lord, Thy perfect way of living,
From life’s start until the final ending.
Train my heart Thy praises to be giving,
“How wonderful, the wisdom of my God!”

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