The Christian in this culture . . .

I’m getting ready to write a review on a little book called “Can God Bless America?” However, as a prelude to the review, I’ll share a paragraph from the book that has been in my meditations for the last 24 hours and I think NEEDS to arrest the attention of many Christians in light of our current American sociopolitical climate. Read the following very carefully.

“Unfortunately, the church today is at war with the culture, and many Christians think that by opposing moral decline through protest and politics, they are doing all they can do to redeem society. They have begun to view their unbelieving neighbors as the enemy rather than the mission field. As the rift widens between the Religious Right and the rest of society, the gospel message is being lost in the din of conflict. The tender love of sinners has been replaced by bitter rivalry for influence. Thus the only truth that can ultimately draw people to sincere repentance is too often being set aside in favor of political rhetoric and partisan squabbling.”  ~ John MacArthur

Christian, you might need to be re-calibrated . . .