Family Music Album

My siblings and I, along with our spouses, recorded this album in 2003.  I recently found a remaining case of CDs in storage; if you would like to purchase copy, I have around two dozen on hand.  They are $10 if you are local and $13 if it needs to be shipped to you.  Below are a few samples, followed by the album inserts and index.  I have not yet linked my Paypal account to the website, so I can only receive a check at this time.   Please send an e-mail to me through the “contact” link at the top of the page if you are interested in purchasing a recording.


Lead Me To Calvary

(Quartet – Nathan Deatrick, Levi Deatrick, Stephen Deatrick, Naomi Shields)


Am I A Soldier Of The Cross?

(A Capella Quartet – Nathan Deatrick, Levi Deatrick, Stephen Deatrick, Naomi Shields)


God Leads Us Along

(Family Ensemble)


Holy, Holy, Holy!

(Duet – Nathan and Levi Deatrick)


Update on the families: Nathan and Jenny Deatrick have 4 children and Nathan pastors the Crossroads Baptist Church in Columbus, NC.  Carol and I have 8 children and I pastor the Grace Baptist Church in Paxton, IL.  Stephen and Jennifer Deatrick have 4 children; they live in Kahoka, MO., where they have added S&D Seamless Gutters to their landscaping business.  Matthew and Naomi Shields have 7 children and are missionaries on the Island of Aruba.  Daniel Deatrick is married to Lara and they live with their 4 daughters in Aiken, SC. where Daniel is a supervisor at Hubbell Power Systems.  Michael is married to Nora; they have a son and are missionaries on the Island of Honiara in the Solomon Islands.

Our parents are still in Missouri where Dad has been pastoring the First Baptist Church of Wayland for 30 years and Mom keeps the little post office in town functioning.  If you are counting, they now have 28 grandchildren, currently all between the ages of 1 and 18.

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