14 Elephants In The Room


This title is an intentional pun, but what I’m writing isn’t funny.  I understand that I’m going to upset some of you with what I’m writing and I’ve calculated that risk, but what I’m saying needs to be said.  Hopefully, this will actually be a wake up call to some of you.

This election cycle (with the help of infinite facebook posts) has revealed or emphasized several things: the general quality of the citizens of the United States, the corrupt quality of politicians and parties, but the most grievous to me is the revelation of the quality of nominal Christianity.

I know the things below are stereotypes and do not describe all of you (in some cases, I admit I’ve been guilty of some of these things); none of this is directed to any one individual.  Here is what I’ve learned about many Christians in the last year – these are some of the elephants in the room:

Elephant #1 You are more devoted to your country than to Christ and His church.

Elephant #2 You are more loyal to the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence than to the Sacred Scriptures.

Elephant #3 You spend more energy on facebook trying to convert me into being a follower of Donald Trump than you do reaching into your community and witnessing of the resurrected Christ to those who don’t know Him.

Elephant #4 You believe it is a Biblical obligation to vote and that it would be wrong to abstain from voting.  Somehow, you’ve come to the conclusion that if I don’t vote for Donald Trump, I’m culpable for the condition of our nation and have no right to complain about its direction.  (This whole vein of thinking is maddeningly illogical.)

Elephant #5 You use the threat of Hillary Clinton to manipulate others by fear-mongering.  Even though “God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Elephant #6 You are more concerned with the earthly future of the U.S. Supreme Court than your personal future at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Elephant #7 You are more concerned with the rights that come with your citizenship than with the responsibilities that are integral to your Christianity.

Elephant #8 You believe that freedom from religious persecution is a right endowed by the Creator.  It’s not.  The opposite is true.  The Apostle Paul clearly stated (as he was in prison awaiting his execution at the hands of the Roman government) that “all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”

Elephant #9 You’ve forgotten that genuine Christianity is revealed by fire.  Real Christianity actually thrives when it is persecuted.  Read the book of Acts and see how the early church actually multiplied while rejoicing in trials which were far more grievous than what American Christians are resisting.

Elephant #10 You believe the United States is a Christian nation.  It’s not.  Admittedly, it was founded by men who generally held to a so-called Judeo-Christian ethic and by individuals who desired a place where they could worship God according to their preference.  The United States can only fit into the Scriptural category of a Gentile nation, even if we are friends and supporters of Israel.  Biblically speaking, there will be no “Christian nation” until the return of Christ.

Elephant #11 You have turned into the kind of people from which your ancestors fled in Europe.  You would like to require everyone in the United States to live by your “Christian values,” even though those people may not actually be genuine Christians.

Elephant #12 You are more concerned with creating an earthly utopia than by living by grace where God has placed you.  You act like the only way that you can have the joy of the Lord is if Hillary Clinton is kept from being president.  Think of Christians in the Middle-East, Africa, Asia, Russia, etc., who are thriving in their individual spiritual lives apart from any kind of religious freedom.

Elephant #13 Prayer and a trust in the Sovereignty of God are only an add-on to your political activism.  They are lip-service.  You think the voting booth is more important than the prayer closet.

Elephant #14 In the eyes of the world, you have re-created the picture of a Christian as being a moralistic, capitalistic, social warrior rather than a compassionate, praying, humble, imitator of Christ.

A few closing thoughts: 1) I know these things are generalizations and do not reflect every Christian.  2) This is not a repudiation of the United States, my citizenship, or those who have sacrificed on behalf of this country – I deeply love the United States, but I’m greatly grieved by the lack of a Biblical perspective of many Christians.  3) It doesn’t matter to me for whom you vote, or if you vote.  My concern is that Christians live with a Biblical perspective.  4) My prayer is that these words will serve as a warning to Christians to let themselves be calibrated to God’s design.  5) Thankfully, November 8th, or anything else that happens in the next 4 years, can not usurp my joy in a Sovereign God.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Being away from the USA and only “peeking in” through facebook has helped to open my eyes to some of these very elephants in my own life. May God have mercy on me and on His church and help us to rid these elephants from our lives.

  2. Very well said, Levi. This has happened in more recent presidential elections where people (including Christians) are worried about the fate of this nation. A couple of verses to put things in proper perspective are Proverbs 14:34 and Psalm 2:10 – 11.

    Proverbs 14:34 says…

    “Righteousness exalteth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people.”

    The Lord Jesus Christ exalts a nation that exalts Him (corporately as well as individually).

    And Psalm 2:10 – 11 says…

    “Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.

    Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling.”

    Here in Psalm 2, the Lord laughs (mockingly) when the kings (and presidents) of the earth think that they can “break their bands” with the Lord. In their pride, they think that they can rule a nation without God’s wisdom, instruction, and provision. Then in verses 10 and 11, the psalmist writes that the kings, judges, and rulers should “serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling” which goes against any politician that says we can ‘make America great again’. Remember, folks, it is only the Lord that can exalt a nation and not a presidential candidate.

    Let us also not forget that the church (the Lord Jesus Christ’s true followers) is here to fulfill the Great Commission until He (the Lord Jesus Christ, that is) catches His Bride (His followers) away at the rapture.

  3. May I also say that Christians should avoid what could be called “Republicanism” which basically says that Christians should always vote for the Republican candidate because that candidate will elect “good and moral” Supreme Court judges as well as propose and support laws that will uphold the Constitution as well as Biblical standards.

  4. Levi,
    Thank you – many of these have been in my mind (though you expressed them better than I). Powerful thoughts for consideration.

  5. Thank you! How refreshing to read a Biblical percspective on this election.

  6. I am glad you shared this, I share your burden but lacked the courage to speak out. Praise the Lord, I hope that we will all continue to think about what you have written and place our trust in God rather than man.

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